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Tour Voucher

This is a tour voucher which will be posted to you. There will be a code on the back of the voucher which can be redeemed at your convenience. When you are ready to book a tour at The Edge Distillery, choose BOOK ONLINE from the main menu. Choose your date and at the checkout, enter the code on the back of the voucher and 100% will be deducted from the price. Unfortunately due to the limitations of the booking form, only one voucher code can be added at one time. Therefore if you are booking for more than one person you will have to repeat the process for each member of your party. If you have any queries please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

Tour Voucher

  • You are welcome to leave your vehicle overnight at the farm but do so at your own risk. We accept no liability or responsibility for damage accident or loss.

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